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Avail Best Android Course In Kolkata For Lucrative Future

Ejobindia is the well known Android training institute in Kolkata, provides training on the most updated course structure as mentioned below.

Course Details:

Duration: 130 Hrs (around 4 months).
Course Fees: 17,000 (500Rs. discount on one time payment)
Integrated Development Environment (IDE): Android Studio with Android 8.0 – Oreo

Module Structure

Module: 1
  • Android Fundamental & Overview, Android Commercial Versions
  • Android Screen types and sizes and corresponding device example, Android Project Structure, DVM
  • Android Activity,Activity Life Cycle, Emulator, Android Development Environment, .apk & .dex file

Module: 2
  • Android Text View, Android Edit text, Android Button, Toggle Button, Radio Button
  • Android Toast, Android Linear Layout & Relative Layout
  • Android Manifest File, Android Image View
  • Android Check Box, Android Spinner
  • Intent, Value passing, AppData class

Module: 3
  • Alert Dialog, Android Frame Layout
  • Android Layout inflates, View Holder class & Android List View
  • Android Grid View, Android Scroll View Android web view.

Module: 4
  • Concept of Fragments
  • Android Date Picker & Time picker
  • Navigation Drawer Activity,Create Menu
  • Android Orientation & Keyboard handle

Module: 5
  • Android Database handle
  • Android Shared Preference

Module: 6
  • Android JSON Parsing using volley(GET/POST)
  • Android Internet connection handler
  • Concept of Material design,Snack bar
  • Picaso for Imageloading

Module: 7
  • Android Notification, Android Splash screen
  • Android background service, Android Handler
  • Android Hardware Interaction (Camera, Gallery)
  • Broad Cast Receiver

Module: 8
  • RecyclerView,SwipeRefresh Layout,Tab Layout with ViewPager
  • Android MapView and create MAP API KEY

Module: 9
  • Various Android Versions Compatibility for App (Marshmallow, KitKat, Jelly Bean)
  • Marshmallow device permissions(Hardware permission)
  • Animation, Vector assets & Image assets
  • Firebase Cloud Messaging(FCM)

Project Work

At the end of the modules, you will be assigned with a project work of developing an Android app. You can develop the app based on your own concept or concepts of some apps which we developed in our software division. You will develop the App under the guidance of a Sr. Android Developer who has good experience in various Android Apps development for international clients. With Android app development we will also show you how to make the app live on the Google Play store.


On successful execution of the assigned project work you will be certified as Trainee Android Developer jointly by EjobIndia & SysAlgo Technologies (the software division of Ejobindia).

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