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We are affiliated to "National Council for Vocational Training",
Directorate General of Employment and Training, Govt. Of India

For Training : 9830125644
For Recruitment : 9830228812

We provide the best quality training

We follow Best Practices Training Methodology
Training modules are designed based on current industry demand for technology. 
Every course is divided into two parts, 'Basic Learning' & 'Advanced Programming'. In 'Basic Learning', students learn about the technology and the basic programming concepts. In 'Advanced Programming' students get to know about some advanced coding architectures(MVC Architecture) and popular open source scripts.
No time limitation, students get extra classes to develop strong programming skill.
Regular assignments are given and tests are taken at the end of every course module to track the progress of the students. Relatively weak students get special classes to overcome their shortcomings.
We Follow Industry Used Project Development Life Cycle
To Give Real Life Project Development Experience
Our Students
Define : In this step of project development, students learn about how to define a project scope from an unorganized requirement.
Design: In this step, students learn to design the project architecture, database, wireframes and user interface based on the project scope.
Development: In this step, students do practical coding for project functionality development according to the designs.
Debug: Debugging is an important part of the project. In this step students get to know about the application debugging process.
Deployment: Deployment is about making a project live. In this final step, students learn about how to deploy an application in live server.
Trainings get Conducted by Experienced Software Professionals
To ensure the students learn INDUSTRY STANDARD CODING
In our development section SysAlgo Technology, we practically work on the technologies which we offer in training. We conduct training programs by our experienced software professionals so that they can impart their practical knowledge to the students and share their industry experience with them to make them industry ready.

Ritwik Chattopadhyay

Head of Web Application training dept.

10 Years of experience on PHP products development, designated as a Project Manager. Have strong experience of delivering many high level international standard PHP applications.

Sabyasachi Chaterjee

Head of MOBILE APPS training dept.

5 Years experience in Mobile Apps development. Successfully developed many mobile apps including some high ranked mobile apps of google store.

We Provide State of the Art Training Setups
To facilitate the learning process
Our Students
We have 6000 Sq Ft modern training setup in Sector-5, Salt Lake
11 classrooms equipped with high configuration PC for every student
All PCs are connected to high-speed internet with unlimited access.
Projector, Power Backup & Air Conditioning system in every training lab
Separate practice labs for the students

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