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We are affiliated to "National Council for Vocational Training",
Directorate General of Employment and Training, Govt. Of India

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Placement Program

200+ Software Companies of Kolkata including some big names like Zinfi, Limtex, Esolz, Objectsol recruit our students. We have an experienced Placement Team organizing continuous Interviews for the students.
The team organizes 5-6 Fresher interviews evrey week.
The Placement Process is well organized with following steps:

Grooming Students for Interview

"At the end of the training, a special grooming session gets conducted by eminent HR professional to make the students interview ready."

Resume Preparation

"The resume creates the first impression of a candidate in an interview. We help students in creating a properly structured resume for interview. "

Interview Assignment through ERP

"Once a student completes his/her training including grooming session we mark the student as placement eligible in our ERP software where all students' data is maintained. Then we start assigning interviews to the student. Student stays active in the ERP and keeps getting interview opportunities till he/she gets a suitable JOB. "

Company Specific Interview Preparation

"Once a student is assigned to an Interview of a company, we provide his/her the reference interview questions for that company. Interview questions discussion classes are arranged as per the requirement. "

After Interview Performance Analysis

"If a student goes through an unsuccessful interview, an interview performance analysis session gets conducted to check if there are any learning loopholes. "

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