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Career in PHP

Know about the career opportunities in PHP development in India before taking your important career decision. There are other popular programming languages available like, Java, ASP.NET , then why to choose PHP?

When it comes to career scope, PHP has lots of advantages over other programming languages as listed below.

Nowadays PHP is the Most Popular Web Programming Language

There are millions of websites on the internet with PHP extension. These huge numbers of PHP applications on the internet undoubtedly establish it as one of the most popular languages for web development used by the developers worldwide.

The main reasons behind this are, PHP is a respectively low-cost solution; it is open-source and cross-platform compatible. Other than that, there are many ready-made solutions available in PHP on the internet. Like CMS (Joomla, Drupal), Forum (PHPBB), Blog (WordPress), E-Commerce (Magento, WooCommerce).  And millions of websites are built on those free scripts. 

Acceptance of PHP Has Increased

Previously with the release of PHP Version 5, and recently PHP Version 7, the acceptance of PHP has highly increased as PHP has become much faster, secured and robust platform for web application building. Thus big applications are getting built in PHP. Some very popular sites like Facebook, Yahoo, flicker, Digg, Delicious are developed in PHP.

PHP Always Stays Updated

Being an open-source technology and having a huge developer community, developers from all over the world make outstanding contributions in PHP on a regular basis by developing powerful MVC based frameworks like CodeIgniter, Yii, Laravel, Zend and other useful scripts.

PHP is Respectively Easy to Learn

One big advantage of PHP is, it is easy to learn. With little knowledge of software programming on C or any other base level language, people can learn PHP. Even candidates from non-computer background can take this language.

PHP is the Most Sought after Skill in JOB Market for Fresher as well as Professional

PHP is currently ranked as the most sought-after skill in JOB Market. For the freshers with training on PHP, it is easy to step into the IT industry. Only in Kolkata, 500+ good small and mid-sized PHP companies regularly hire a large no. of PHP trained candidates. PHP web developer jobs always in top five on job websites hence PHP developers easily find decent jobs.

With the Small & Mid-Sized Companies, MNCs also Recruit PHP Programmers

A few years ago in big MNC companies like Infosys, Wipro, TCS, there was very low recruitment on PHP. But now with many big clients looking for PHP development increases the demand for PHP programmers in those MNCs.

After having good working experience (1-2years) in PHP, candidates can apply in these MNCs.

PHP Offers Multiple Career Options

In PHP career option is not limited to the job only. After getting good experience in this field, one can start his/her own PHP based services as a full-time freelancer or part time with regular jobs and earn a good amount. There are some popular online bidding platforms (Upwork, Freelancers e.t.c) where thousands of PHP projects get posted on a regular basis.

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